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It's not difficult to find an installation contractor in today's marketplace. The challenge comes in finding one that has the experience, capabilities and desire to provide the results you require and expect. That's where the team at Vertical Limit comes into play. Behind the scenes, our dedication runs deep. From continued training on techniques, equipment, and safety practices, to effective communication from project managers — these are the keys to success. Never settle; never accept things as good enough.

Antenna/RF Systems

Vertical Limit has in-house technicians to handle your antenna work requirements.

  • Installation of - Coax, Elliptical, and Fiber, Antenna, RET Systems, TMA/TTA, Diplexers, Bias T, and PDU
  • RF / RSSI Interference Resolution - (We can identify internal or external interference source and resolve issues)
  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Testing
  • Sweep Testing ‐ Coax, Waveguide, and Fiber / FDR, TDR, & OTDR
  • Antenna and Component Batch Sweep & PIM Testing before Field Deployment
  • In - Building and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • 3rd Party Testing and Inspection for Quality Assurance
  • Annual Sweep & PIM Testing

DAS Systems

Vertical Limit has in-house technicians to handle your DAS work requirements.

  • Facility evaluations
  • System design
  • Installation and commissioning
  • 3rd Party testing & quality audits
  • OTDR testing
  • RF Testing/Sweep/PIM/Interference
  • Optimization

Small Cells

Vertical Limit has in-house technicians to handle your small cell requirements.

  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Survey/Benchmark testing
  • Turnkey installation
  • Optimization
  • Permitting (Right of way/sidewalk closures)
  • Maintenance
    • RF Testing/Sweep/PIM/Interference
    • Fiber Testing/Fusion Splicing
    • At heights work (Bucket Trucks)
    • Electrical Repair

Radio Systems

Vertical Limit has in-house technicians to handle your radio work requirements.

  • Nokia GSM; UMTS; Flexi
  • Nortel: GSM, EVDO, CDMA
  • Ericsson: GSM, UMTS, LTE
  • Samsung
  • IDEN
  • Lucent: CDMA, UMTS
  • Motorola: CDMA, IDEN
  • MCPA/SCPA Installs
  • ALU
  • Dragonwave
  • Aviat
  • Lynx
  • Ceragon
  • Marconi

AC / DC Power Equipment, Batteries, and Grounding

  • Shelter & Bare Room Electrical Installation - Main Panel - PPC Load Center ‐ Wiring - Lighting - Outlets ‐ Grounding
  • Power Distribution Frame (PDF), Rectifier, Converter ‐ Installation, Additions, and Change Out's ‐48 & + 24v
  • Battery Plant Installation - Change Out - Disposal
  • Diesel / LP Generator Installation - Turn Up - Maintenance
  • Interior and Exterior Ground Resistivity Testing
  • XIT Grounding System Installation
  • Tower Lighting System Installation - Troubleshooting ‐ Repair

Transport Systems

  • Telco Transport and Facilities Fiber - Copper - Microwave - Alarming - E911
  • Installation of DS1, DS3, OC3, OC12 Fiber MUX Units - Carrier Access, Adtran, Kentrox, and Fujitsu
  • Design Layouts - Fiber - Copper - Microwave
  • DSX / FIF Install and Wiring
  • Head to Head T‐1 Testing with Switch for Circuit Acceptance
  • Microwave System Installation - (Radio ‐ Antenna - Waveguide ‐ Pressurization System - Pathing)
  • Microwave System Troubleshooting - (Pathing, Feedhorn, Waveguide, Fresnal Clearances)
  • Conventional DC Alarm Systems
  • Installation and NOC Acceptance of Ai Remote Alarm Systems
  • Installation and Commissioning of True Position and other LMU Systems for E‐911
  • Fiber Splicing, Termination, & Testing - V‐Groove - Mass Fusion - Loose Tube, Ribbon, Drop - Cable

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